BENEFITS & SIDE EFFECTS OF MULTIVITAMINS IN TELUGU are going to be clearly explained in this  Fitness Blog Post. Hi Viewers Welcome to Venkat Fitness . So in this Nutrition Series we are going to discuss about VITAMINS What are Multi Vitamins ? What ate the benefits & any one can use it or not ? How to use it properly ? How many types are there in it ?

Basically any civilian or normal living person 4 legged , 2 legged or anyone 2 Nutrients are Essential Macro Nutrients & Micro Nutrients. As you already know Macros means Proteins , Fats & Carbohydrates H2O & Amino Acids Micro Nutrients means Vitamins & Minerals and we will discuss about VITAMINS In this Video & we will discuss about MINERALS Later. How many Types of Vitamins are there ? Two types of Vitamins are there one is Fat Soluble & the other one is WATER SOLUBLE VITAMINS


What is the difference between FAT SOLUBLE & WATER SOLUBLE ? So fat soluble vitamins are already present in our body. We should maintain enough number our body will not store water soluble vitamins at all it will flush through in the form of sweat & urine so there will be no side effects from it. When coming to the FAT SOLUBLE VITAMINS if your body has adequate amount of vitamins there is no need to take in addition to that we should use it if there is any VITAMIN Deficiency.

WHO Described that 13 vitamins are essential . Those Vitamins are Vitamin A, D, K, C, E. In addition to this B1 Thiamin, B2 Riboflavin, B3 Niacin, B5 Pantothenic Acid, B6 Pyridoxine, B7 Biotin, B9 folate and folic acid, B12 Cyanocobalamin. So WHO Described that these 13 are essential vitamins most of the people will say that if we intake vitamins there will be no vitamin deficiency bone density will be improved & cancer will be reduced & also there will be no heart problems of Heart Palpitation there will be no hormonal changes like this lot of people will tell so many reasons.

Can any one can use the MULTI VITAMINS ? We will discuss the benefits of MULTI VITAMINS Now you will observe lot of people after breakfast will take multi vitamin .These multi vitamins are in different different forms by the companies Some of them are Chewable ,Powders, tablets, capsules like this it will be available in different different formats. So if you are taking these form of vitamins without Good NUTRIET Dense Foods there will be no benefit to your body with these VITAMINS. So I had told earlier & now also I am telling
Supplement alone will not change your body.

Because FDA Also did not approved any supplement & also these VITAMINS any supplement & vitamins are not proven by FDA they did not proved taking supplement is enough rather than taking the food. Our First priority must be food your diet should b on point & our life style must be in a systematic way then there will be no hormonal changes. What ever foods your are taking then your body will receive those nutrients from the food & then it will be benefited to you If not like in the morning I will take puri or bonda & will intake 1 multivitamin
then the required minerals & vitamins available to our body In the Evenings will go out with friends & chill will take 2 beers & will not consume any food for not to cause vitamin deficiency again I will intake 1 multivitamin so there will be no benefits with it.


Changing your lifestyle & giving first priority to your food then there will be good benefits. Coming to benefits of multi vitamin – brain functioning will be improved. So in addition to this Most of the people will have doubt that are there are any side effects with these multi vitamins ? So in some brands as we observed dosage will be little bit high & low .You should select what is suitable to your body For example if you introduce any vitamin to your body if the vitamin is adequate in your body then your body will not receive it which results in vomiting & you will be in the feeling of fainting .These type of symptoms will be created that means you body have adequate amount of vitamins, So additional vitamins are not at all required is the indication

What are the precautions to be taken before taking the Vitamins ? You should research about the vitamins which are prescribed by your doctor or trainer and you should have knowledge on it if all things are good then you can start it .You should be very careful while taking fat soluble vitamins if pregnant women intake vitamin A there will be more problems & also there will be a chance of lung issues

With out proper checking if we intake vitamin D there will be a chance of affected with toxic. If it is low only we should use it but use this fat soluble vitamins carefully when you are using it water soluble vitamins are not stored by your body there will be serious no side effects just you will feel like head ache because it will not stored in our body because it will be flush out through urine or water in water soluble if there are additional vitamins in our body it will not be stored by our body.

Before taking fat soluble after taking blood report and take the vitamins which are in adequate then there will be good benefits. So some people take vitamin c due to high iron levels there will be a chance of getting liver issues. So the final summary is that if you want to use any supplements get blood report done & according to it take them which are inadequate in your body if you use them with a proper guidance & if you use them in a systematic way then there will be more benefits only.

So firstly you should focus on your life style & nutrition on point then you should go for supplementation you will not achieve proper results by taking only supplements without a proper diet. So I hope I explained clearly about the vitamins in this nutrition series. So guys I hope you like this topic See you guys….See you Soon