Benefits of Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer venkat madamala in this fitness & health blog post. Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness. Today we are going to discuss about the most common supplement i.e VITAMIN C. So What are the benefits with VITAMIN C? Can any one use VITAMIN C. Are there are any side effects using it? How much amount we should take is the topic for today from the starting of covid crisis we are constantly hearing about the nams of vitamin c, d & zinc The popularity of vitamin c has been increased during this panademic.

Some people having the common doubt or myth is can we use this vitamin c or not I am perfectly alright why should i use it Some people will believe that taking of excess amount of vitamin c leads to formation of stones in kidneys Up to which extent it is right & i am going to clear your doubts today. Basically VITAMIN C Is a general ANTIOXIDANT So you can take this general antioxidant in any form It may be in tablet, powder or in the supplement form you will find that availability in any form.

Benefits of Vitamin C & Sources of Vitamin C

Some people will take in the form of FRUITS.The regular intake which we are taking we should add vitamin c foods in vegetables & fruits. The following benefits will be added to you the most known vegtables kale, broccoli & also potatoes, Green chillies, Bell Peppers & Tomatoes.Coming to the fruits Guava, Kiwi, oranges, strawberry & all kinds of berries lemon & sweet lime.

By adding these type of foods in your diet you can also improve your brain functioning. It is proved that VITAMIN C will be there in Humans & also in Multicellular Organisms not only this Vitamin C & also essential amino acids non essential amino acids will also be there. To fullfill the daily recommended dosage amount that’s why we are using it in the tablet or powder form or else in the supplement form this supplement form is introuced in the 1920’s. By taking them in additional amounts there will be no side effects & your body will not store it.

The body will take the required amount of it & the excess amount will be flushed If we observe in some people they will repeatedly get cold & flu in studies it is proved that for these type of people if they take vitaminc foods in their diet they can eradicate these type of symptoms & another theory which is in spread is the persons who are suffering with cancer to eradicate their cancer by intaking high amounts of VITAMIN C we can minimise the cancer like this the news are spreading the studies are still going on but it is not confirmed.

Benefits of Vitamin C {Ascorbic Acid}

Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic Acid & it has lot of benefits. It reduces the chronic Diseases & lowers the risk of heart diseases & also boosts the immunity. In addition to this it also prevents iron deficiency It stimulates your collagen synthesis. It will also reduce the levels of uric acids in the persons thoose who are having the higher levelsin addition to this the main thing is that The persons who are facing the viral infections repeatedly If they take higher amounts of vitain c their resistance and immunity will be boosted & they will not be affected with cold & flu.

So some people will smoke & alcoholic consumption will be there For these type of people if they take 100-500 mg of vitamin c daily In studies it is proved that to some extent we can avoid the side effects from nicotine. So there will be no side effects of taking excess vitamin c because it will not be stored to heal the Bones, collagen, teeth & skin vitamin c plays a crucial role. Some people will say that taking excess vitamin c will leads to formation of stones in kidney after doing exercise if you take the limcee there will be benefits only no side effects will be there.

So any one can take 50-100 mg Vitamin C there will be no side effects. Some will say that stones are forming in kidney & increase of the uric acid levels. What is the relation between uric acid & protein? most of them having doubt is if we take high protein there will be increase in the uric acid levels to break thoose misconceptions we will discuss about thoose in the coming videos.So i guys i hope you like this topic on VITMAIN C. See you Guys…. See You Soon…..