Benefits of BCAA || How much you should take Per day??

Benefits of BCAA  & How much you should take Per day is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this Fitness Blog.

Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness. Now we are in Supplement Series Let’s talk about BCAA’s Today’s topic is Branched Chain Amino Acids What is Branched Chain Amino Acids & how to use it The Dosage & usage of it like in which time we should take & how many times in a day you must take? How many Grams we should use ? If we use what are the benefits of it Can we use it or not is the topic for today.

Basically in Branched Chain Amino Acids there will be three amino acids Leucine , Isoleucine & valine .So Leucine is the major & primary amino acid because to build the muscle or to trigger and suppress your protein synthesis this leucine is very important amino acid. So it is in any ratio 2:1:1 or 3:1:2 the leucine gets the first priority So what will happen with this leucine ? or in this Branched Chain Amino Acids consist of Leucine , isoleucine & valine what will be happened to our body ?

Benefits of BCAA { Branched Chain Amino Acids}

To Explain you clearly after finishing the exercises you will undergo muscle fatigue & body fatigue Even if you are doing exercises in a systematical way the muscle damage will occur In the damaged muscle area’s lactic acid formation will be there & blood will be clotted . So due to this blood clot & lactic acid formation there will be a chance of muscle damage to recover these muscles to increase the protein synthesis & to increase the muscle volume we will include BCAA‘s.

So how much we should use this BCAA’s ? is the doubt for many so if you want to use BCAA .The required dosage is if you are an adult maximum intake must be 20 grams When should we use ? You can use before 15 – 20 minutes before your workout if not you can use it in intra workout { during workout } or after workout you can use these BCAA’s if you are using after workout you can also take 6-7 grams before sleep in early morning there will be no muscle fatigue and there will be good muscle recovery protein synthesis will takes place & muscle growth will be good.

Benefits of BCAA in Telugu

So like these morning & evening in the different patterns intake it under the guidance of your trainer basically who are in calorie deficient who are not taking proper nutrient foods these amino acids will be suggested to them who are in calorie surplus no need to take this amino acids So we will discuss this later So these BCAA can be used by anyone ? anyone can use it Children can take maximum up to 3 grams only , adults can take up to 20 grams mostly one scoop will be served up to 12 -13 grams you should see how much you can use it we had discuss the benefits of using it & discussed about when to use.

If we use only this BCAA there will be muscle recovery or not is the common doubt some people will say that my friend is taking amino acids in one month his body is changed this candidate will also take it during the exercises he will not take the required food & don’t do his required work means sleep & don’t do the exercises in the gym by discussing the other things. If there is no adequate amount of sleep ,protein nutrient dense foods if you only take the shakes during the workout you cannot achieve the proper results you expect to come.

If you intake the most qualitative food daily 7 to 8 hours of sleep & following systematic workout pattern how many amino acids are required to our body ? let us assume 20 amino acids. From BCAA’s we can take 3 amino acids out of 20 In addition to the 20 we are taking these 3 amino acids from BCAA’s The additional benefit is if you are doing proper diet , sleep & with a good exercise pattern .For your body if there is a proper recovery & Sleep you body will additionally respond more than 40 to 50% for these BCAA’s If not I will take only BCAA & will avoid the food.

Basically amino acids are macros if you take any food first priority is your diet take the diet completely for those who are unable to take the diet and unable to take all the foods in their diet they will be suggested with these BCAA’s many people having doubt that we are using BCAA’s we are using from the past 2 months & there is no muscle growth in the evenings there will be more muscle soreness & in mornings they are severe body pains what to do ? you are going in a wrong way & the first thing is check whether you are having a protein deficiency ?

The second one is misconception about carbohydrates Check whether the carbs are there or not there in your diet ? to increase the glycoside levels or to increase the muscle volume Carbohydrates acts as fuel to create the muscle & mind connection between the brain & muscle by cutting these carbo hydrates if you are using any supplements there will be no muscle recovery takes place. So the first priority is diet & the second priority supplements.

For some people they are facing body pains and they cannot gain muscles growth also by doing the exercises and also creating the inflammation and they are feeling pains & their body is not supporting to do the exercises and they are using these BCAA’s you must check whether 20 amino acids are supplied to your body or not if not are you are lacking the calories if you are feeling they are not supplied to your body use EAA’s instead of BCAA.

Essential Amino Acids while there are 3 amino acids in BCAA’s there will be 9 amino acids in these EAA including glutamine & arginine and in these days electrolytes are also added in some brands So what are Essential Amino acids & what is the difference between BCAA’s & EAA’s & which the best will be discussed in the next video. So Guys the Final Summary is If you want to use BCAA’s you must check whether there are nutrient dense foods in your diet are not proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours adequate amount of protein & proper workout pattern after all these you should think about the usage of the amino acids as we discussed maximum is 20 grams of BCAA.

BCAA’s containing leucine isoleucine & valine we can consume it & is there are side effects with it, no there will be no side effects with it Some people will tell that I had seen some where in YouTube that a trainer told that he will intake amino acids 7 to 8 times human body is made with full of amino acids and meat .By the reason it is build with amino acids if we intake hourly you will not build body by evening or morning you will be ended up with the cold Take how much it is required.

Strongly believe in Exercise & Diet Don’t forget to take proper sleep by doing all these things there will be no inflammation and muscle recovery & growth will be very good. So guys i hope you like this topic In the Coming videos we will discuss about BCAA Vs EAA Suggest me the topics which will be help full to you in the comment section if you are not subscribed immediately subscribe to my channel now. So guys I hope you like this topic see you guys see you soon