In this Fitness Blog Certified Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala Shared about the Benefits and Side Effects of CREATINE Supplement Explained in Telugu & why, when how it should must be used are clearly Explained,

Benefits and Side Effects of CREATINE

Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness – So in this Video I Will Discuss about CREATINE. Because lot of People in my Social Media Platforms asking me to explain Creatine Supplements Why Should we use Creatine , Who should use this CREATINE & what are the benefits & Side Effects of Creatine so what will be those side effects ? In which time We Should Use & How much we should take?like this lot of people repeatedly asking me this questions.

Basically we had discussed about different types of supplements so why I am explaining about creatine today is any individual who is starting to do gym, exercise or any kind of workouts. To increase his workout performance in a very low time they will choose CREATINE after the Protein. Their Workout partner or their Coach will tell about this CREATINE

Benefits and Side Effects of CREATINE Supplement

Some People will have myths regarding this CREATINE those Myths are If we use creatine there will hair loss & formation of pimples Water Retention If we use creatine there will be gain in weight ,fat , veins & weight loss will be stopped. vascularity will increase and if we consume more creatine then we will become like hulk strength & muscle volume will be increased So Like this so many People will have myths & doubts.

So I am Doing this Video to Explain and Clear all these doubts So in this What is Creatine ?Who Should use This & why should they use it ? We are Discussing about How much they should take & how should they use it How this CREATINE Is Prepared ? & how it will be useful to your body. I am talking about any kind of SUPPLEMENT It is my Neutral Opinion Only .About One Individual Supplement. What will be the Benefits , Side Effects , Usage & Dosage who should use & how they should use it ? Why & When Should they use it ? These are the things I will clearly explain it to you.

From Day 1 of my Channel I am giving Information & will not promote any supplement & supplement brand till now did not done & in coming days also will not do it .I am Doing these Videos in this Channel to give you the Exclusive In Detailed Information Only I am not doing these videos to promote any supplements or supplement brand I am doing this video because lot of people asking about benefits ,side effects myths of creatine like why when & how we should use it .

So Coming to the Point Basically CREATINE Is a Natural Substance it will be there in our body & in our muscle cells. Our muscle cells will produce CREATINE so When Ever we are doing Intense Exercises & moments .In this training time this creatine will produce energy to our muscles So by producing energy to these muscles we can create intense workouts so this CREATINE to boost the energy in our muscles If we are doing 10 Repetitions normally but with the help of this CREATINE We can able to do 11 Repetitions

Basically most of them will think CREATINE Is a drug No creatine is not a drug CREATINE Is also a kind of AMINO ACID. Creatine is the Mix of Arginine & Glycine so if you want to start any exercise if you See in any body building , power lifting , weight lifting & in athletic community or in work out performance community or else a beginner in any training community.

The Popular Supplement after PROTEIN Is CREATINE endurance will increase because of CREATINE strength will be increased is the most common topic discussed by the people You should know why it will be increased? Basically why it is Increasing because so for example if you are consuming the red meat by taking this red meat & doing exercise. Your IGF 1 {Insulin-like growth factor 1} & Testosterone will be boosted If these IGF 1 & Testosterone are boosted then the CREATINE Level will be also increased.

So if you are taking CREATINE directly or through food is different When Ever IGF 1 {Insulin-like growth factor 1} & Testosterone are boosted then decrease in the FAT LOSS will be also good your ENERGY Levels will be also increased. Because CREATINE Will Produce the Energy for Example as we discussed Creatine will Produce ATP.

What is ATP ? ATP Means Adenosine Tri Phosphate What Ever food we take it will be converted to ATP that may be CREATINE Food or any other type of food it. So this ATP Means for Example in your phone the charging has finished this creatine will work & help as a power bank in a way not to reduce the battery. So by this if we are doing 6 Repetitions it will help to do 7 Repetitions the energy will be produced to help the muscles by this additional strength will be created to do the workouts or exercises.

Because of energy produced by Creatine basically In order to explain you Clearly CREATINE Is a Natural Substance. So 95 % of Creatine will be in your muscles & the rest of the 5 % will be stored in the brain or in the liver. The Creatine Stored in this when Ever we are doing Exercises 100 % will be used by our body Also How does this Creatine Works ? How it will Work & the process of it Dosages & who should use? How much & why it should be used ?

Summary of the Benefits and Side Effects of CREATINE Supplement

Most of the people will use before workout {pre workout} & some will say we should use it after workouts {post workouts} only some of them will say we should take along with the carbo hydrate meal & some other we will say we should use this a proper time period .For Example Initially Start With 20 , 15, 10 & 5 Grams & like this any time period cycles will be there? Some Other Will say ladies should not use CREATINE If they use there will be problems of Water Retention & Hormonal Changes .In Some People HPT Axis will be shut down what is that HPT Axis ? why it will be shut down & will it be shut down with the CREATINE Which Age Range people should be used ? All these topics will be clearly discussed in the next Fitness Blog Post .So all these myths about CREATINE will be cleared in that Fitness Blog Post . So Viewers I Hope you like this Topic If you like it Comment , Share & Don’t Forget to Subscribe Our Channel See You Guys…. See You Soon