Back Training Mistakes { You Should Stop Now }

Back Training Mistakes you should stop now for a good and wider back is clearly discussed in this fitness & blog post by professiona fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. So lets get deep into the topic on how to stop doing Back Training Mistakes and how to perform it with correct form and execution.

Back Training Mistakes {Explained}

Hi Friend’s Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. It’s Your VENKAT – Professional Fitness Trainer and your lifestyle coach. So many of them after starting doing exercise after the muscle maturity while wearing a t-shirt or else if they wore a tight shirt arms, chestdeltoid frame will be elevated after sometime we may find him as a regular gym goer.  But while wearing a full-sleeve shirtor else in a formal wear anterior muscle’s like chest, anterior deltoid or arms will not be visible.

Without the visibilty also they will think that he is super fit and he is physically strong. He is maintaing his posture in a stiff and confident way. If you want to know this they should focus and engage with their posterior muscles because in human body posterior muscles ivolvement is more when compared to anterior muscles. So posterior muscles are basically big muscles these are glutes, hamstring’s or lats.

While doing bicep exercises, you can feel the bicep muscle contraction but while doing lats in the mirror you will not see lats you will see your face only it is very difficult to find the muscle contraction, peak contraction and also mind and muscle connection. So because of this reason many of them will ignore it but for your overall body posture to be in a correct way to improve the lower body stability or else for your spine errectors to be strong or in a straight way your lats must be well built.

In the formal shirt also if you look too mature from your back. For example if we take prabhas sir in bahubali. If you have that matured back they are giving equal priority to anterior muscles & also the over all muscles in the body. So here the point is don’t ignore your posterior muscles but while doing posterior muscle exercises all of them will do small small mistakes. It may be basic variations like lat’s pull or pull-up’s.

Mistakes to be avoided in BACK TRAINING

Some people will tell how to do and how not to do but they will not show you the how to do it correct way in their videos. The reason behind it is FEAR if any mistake happened while executing it anyone can point their mistakes. First of all you should know that mistakes and if you do it with proper form and execution by stimulating the targeted muscles then your posterior muscles will be very well built. Because in your body BACK is incredibly complicated system with large and small muscle fibers. So these pair of lat muscle fibers.

For our upper back to be in a symmetric look firstly we should focus on Traps, in this traps there are three types of muscle fibersSo if we can stimulate this muscle fibers your upper back will look symmetric, wide & v- tapered. So it may be rhomboid major or traps infraspinatus, latissimus dorsi what ever it may be While starting back exercises, what things you should not do isyou should not swing your body or rock it and too much bicep involvement.

If you stop doing these mistakes your lats muscle stimulation and maturity will be increased very fast. So here i am taking the overhand grip that too pronated grip{negative grip} So when ever you are keeping your palm on the barbell using it as a hook or like a tool your lat muscle involvement will be there. If not like this, if you are grabbing or holding it very tight here the targeted muscles are fore-arms

My targeted muscles are not fore-arms, it’s back so that’s why i am using this as a tool once again i am telling no need to do heavy weights. Your lat muscle will do how much it can pull so 100% try to engage and stimulate it. So don’t go for ego lifting or for your self satisfaction with the weights your back should be flat and also while pulling. Your target must be exact pull to 90 degrees. This is the pulling movement

So in this movement when ever muscle peak contraction is happening how your shoulder blades and lats movement must be just like in this squeeze position then your total back muscles will be engaged. So the same movement without equipment we can do pull-up’s. If you are unable to do pull-up’s then pull-up’s by taking support by taking the help of resistance band but whatever you do use the available tools as hook repetitions doesn’t matter here.

Here what matters is 100% stimulation so the next variation is single arm pull down. So we can do single arm pull down in neutral grip. So my pulling movement is single arm pull down in neutral grip it looks simple but is very very powerful and popular exercise. You will understand once you done so back should be flat and look straight. I am using the tool as a hook my goal is to engage the lat muscle.

So inhale while releasing the muscle inhale in the ecentric mode then pull and breathe out. The regular & simple exercises if we can do them without mistakes which we do if the execution and form is correct in the less time you will get more results. So friend’s i hope this information will be very helpful to you & also if you have any fitness related queries or online fitness training or offline training or nutrition related doubts.

So guys i hope i have given you an clear information on Back Training Mistakes. If you want any information or if you want to contact me You can contact me through the number +91 96761 46789. So guys i hope you like this video. See you Guys… See you soon…