ASHWAGANDHA Benefits for Men

ASHWAGANDHA Benefits for Men in Telugu is clearly explained in detailed about ASHWAGANDHA & it’s benefits how to use & who should use in this health and fitness blog by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness So we are back to the Supplementation Series. So in this Supplement Series after Whey protein, creatine & BCAA The most asked question is explain about ASHWAGANDHA So what are the benefits of ASHWAGANDHA ? Are there any side effects, what is the usage & how to use it? Is it true that by taking ASHWAGANDHA the levels of testosterone are increased naturally ? by taking this will our sexual feelings will be increased ?

Muscle gain and Muscle Improvement will be there or not ? Or this can used for the purpose of stress relief or it is an stimulant ? Shall we use it as a pre workout supplement ? Like this many people raised different different questions So that’s why Todays topic is ASHWAGANDHA. ASHWAGANDHA is a Plant Most of the foreigners calls it as a winter cherry. In our India this plant is mostly available in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat & Rajasthan. So what are the benefits of this Plant ? Basically it is not a stimulant By taking this energy will boost When it will be boosted ? Because it is an ayurvedic product Slowly it will give the results.

Energy means it doesn’t work as pre workout stimulant like increasing heart rate and will not help to do the heavy weights slowly it will increases the energy & improves the immunity. Basically ASHWAGANDHA is a enshrined ayurvedic medicine. ASHWAGANDHA plays an vital & important role of all the ayurvedic medicines So it is available in different different forms like tablets, capsules , & also in powder form What ever form we intake there will be same results only So it is not a stimulant it is a relaxant means it is a stress relief supplement.

ASHWAGANDHA Benefits for Men in Telugu

What will be the ASHWAGANDHA Benefits for Men ? Any one can use this ? Yes any one can use it & there will be no side effects of using it. There are so many benefits In Different Different areas it will be called with different names In Hindi it is called as asgandh, In Rajasthan it is called as ASHWAGANDHA So many will the the reason behind the name { ASHWAGANDHA Benefits for Men}  ASHWAGANDHA is ASHWAM means Horse Gandh means Smell When ever the horse runs with high speed the sweat smell will comprises of it that’s why who ever taking ashwagandha will have that energy & their power will increase. Basically Energy won’t increase immunity Power will be strong.

By taking this it will not work as a energy drink there will no symptoms lifting heavy weights & doing exercise for hours & hours Immunity will be strong Vo2 Max will increase addition to this Inflammation will not be created in the body fastly. Because it is a stress relief product. When we are in the high stress times also deep sleep will occur When Should we use it ?With the meal after doing exercises or you can take it before going to the bed How much mg you should take it ? We can take up to 500 – 600 mg.

Benefits & Side Effects of Ashwagandha

The persons who are suffering from the brain & cardio vascular issues amnesia issues & sleep disorder issues The people who are lacking the count of red blood cells & hemoglobin also in some people gut health will be weak & people suffering with stomach problems for these people with the ashwagandha leaves supplements will be made & those are very helpful to them. Basically these ashwagandha medical properties are available in the roots the tablets or any other form is extracted from the roots.

So in the studies it is proved that by using this the cardio vascular diseases can be mostly reduced Most of the people having a myth i.e. By using ashwagandha testosterone levels & sexual feelings will be increased muscle volume & size will increase these all are myths & will not be increased In your body naturally how much testosterone must be present that will only present in your body by using ashwagandha it will not increase who are having very low there energy will be boosted & immunity will get strong exercise & workout performance will increased & naturally testosterone will also increase and till now we had clearly discussed about the ASHWAGANDHA Benefits for Men in Telugu Let’s now discuss about summary of the the topic.

The Summary of ASHWAGANDHA Benefits for Men is Any one can use ASHWAGANDHA there will be no side effects while using it so in the Indian market it is called as Indian Ginseng Ginseng is a different supplement & it is a stimulant .What is Ginseng and how it can be used will be discussed in the next videos So guys I had clearly Explained about ashwagandha I will not describe any brand & will not promote any brand Just told about the benefits of ashwagandha & there will be no side effects of using it So in which form will you use or not it’s your choice. So if you like this video like it , commentDon’t forget to comment the ideas of our upcoming videos in the comment box If you haven’t subscribed , please subscribe our YouTube channel See You guys… See you soon