Are HEAVY WEIGHTS necessary to build BIG MUSCLES ?

Are HEAVY WEIGHTS necessary to build BIG MUSCLES ? Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth? is the topic for today’s fitness blog post. So lets get into the topic in depth and i will clear all your myths & doubts.

Hi guys welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. So you have seen persons with big muscles in youtube or in insta reels You have not seen them exercising with 2, 4, or 6 kg’s dumbbells They will do exercises with heavy weights. By seeing this if an intermediate or a beginner, as we are doing exercises from 6 months but muscles are not growing because we are doing with light weights.They will ask others about heavy weights and they will tell muscles will be increased due to heavy weights.

Due to this, they will also started doing exercises with heavy weights. If you start by considering this, then it will be your last day No doubt about it!Because muscles will be increased with heavy weights, is a myth! So there is no relation between weight & muscle.We will discuss the relation between these two in this video Because i will tell you the basic information, after knowing this You will never get this doubt in your life time.

Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth?

What is power lifting? What is muscle building & what is muscle hypertrophy? and you should know the differences between them So power lifting & weight lifting reffers to Lifiting the weight as much as they can from point a to point b. It may be one repetition or two repetition It is not same in the case of muscle building & muscle hypertrophy There frequency will be differentSo that difference will be discussed now and also In the videos you have seen the weights, not reps Dont get cheated by seeing them.

Weight is just a number by seeing thoose, if you lift weights you will be injured 100% You should go to gym with injuries. So you should focus on first and basic point What is your soul purpose to go the gym? For example muscle building that means you are going to do muscle hypertrophy.To increase the muscle size you are going you are not going to the gym to lift 100 kg’s weight or else you are not going to deadlift 200 kg’s.

Some people in the gym wear glouses & belt and they will tell they had did 150 kg’s dead weight, but they look very thin they dont have any idea about their muscle and also they dont know about muscle contraction You should not do this mistake, to correct it only i am doing this video. So now we will discuss about muscle hypertrophy You should know about proper execution & form. For example push up’s while doing push up’s, you know how to execute with proper form & execution.

The next one is to know how much weight you can lift you should undergo 1RM test.When ever you have applied your maximum weight of 50-80% in one rep you will get to know about your maximum potential. If not like this, if you take 85-90% of your maximum weight you will get an idea that you will not achieve your targeted reps. So choose 50-80% of your maximum weightand check your 1RM due to this you will know about how much weight you can do with hypotrophy. So now we will talk about reps.

How many reps to do is a doubt for many In order to fulfill or complete your soul purpose Your rep range must be 8 – 12 or else 10-15 but not more than 15. Some of them will do exercises for 3 hours in a day they will do 40-50 reps for a set. You should not follow this, you should do only 8-15 reps not more than 15 reps With how much weights we should do? As we already discussed it earlier 50 -80% of your maximum weight 8-15 reps in one set is enough.While completing this observe whether you are feeling muscle contraction & muscle tension or not?Because basically while doing exercises Muscle contraction will play an important role.

If any one said they had done 150 kg’s they had done this because they are not having any idea on muscle contraction. If you had done with the proper form and execution and if you create mechanical tension to the muscles, you cannot do with that much weight. So, what we are doing is not power lifting what we do is muscle buiding, it is a simple technique which we should apply to increase our muscle volume What will happen while doing muscle hypertrophy means actin and myosin will play a major role in your body.

These actin myosin are protein filamnets so these protein filaments. They both slide on each other while we do exercise. In addition to this some of the chemicals will be dumped So for example acetic olevin While this acetic olevin is dumped while doing exercises. It will be helpful for muscle contraction & muscle controlling so what will happen due to this is when ever you are continously and rapidly doing 8-15 reps. During the muscle contraction myosin bulb size will be increased. Size increase reffers to increase of muscle volume.

So, it means muscle pump is created Next Frequency .If you are a beginner or an intermediate person. For example if you take one muscle. To know the high intense contraction of that muscle firstly you should know about the neural adaption. So what is the connection between your nervous system & muscles? If you know this connection between neural adaption & muscle contarctionYou will get an idea of how to determine it. So for example, to determine the muscle contraction. To tell you in an easy way Professor andrew galpin stated that Firstly don’t do weight training with heavy weights, do it with your body weight

For example, standing calf raise So while doing standing calf raise.The targeted calf musclesIf you can feel the peak contraction in each & every head.If you do like this you can fullfill the neural drive.For example, when we had lifted up with the toes with full potential & had done the peak concentration of the muscle that means you are having 100% command on that muscle You have contracted that muscle 100%. So if you do like this If you get command on each & every muscle Maintain frequency 2 times per week for muscle. If you concentrate on your weak muscles for example chest, weekly 3 times It is completly a myth, due to this also you will be injured.

Conclusion for Are HEAVY WEIGHTS necessary to build BIG MUSCLES ?

For any muscle recovery of 48-50 hours is necessary Frequency must be 2 for each muscle in a week Next sets, how many sets to do is a doubt for many? Some of them will do exercise for 2-3 hours daily.Some of them will feel pain after doing 2 variations. For these type of people no muscle growth will be there so to fullfill your sole purpose on muscle growth I will simply tell you about how to design sets in muscle hypertrophy training. If you are beginner do 8-10 sets, If you are an intermediate person, do 10-14 sets If you are an advanced lifter do 20 sets These 20 sets are for each muscle per week.

If you can maintain this frequency, sets, reps 100% you can easily increase your muscle volume.Dont lift with heav weights which will lead to injuries So the bottom line is Break the misconception, that heavy muscles can’t be build with heavy weights. Remove it from your mind do it with the moderate amount of weights feel the peak concentration. You should know about the neural adaption. If you can do the muscle contraction in the peak level 100% muscle growth will be there.

To maintain this good sleep & proper recovery is must proper nutruient supply must be there , in addition to this. Nutrition timing must be on point. I hope you like this very well and also comment the new topics which are to done in the upcoimg days Like this video. If you want online training or nutrition guidance Please check the link Subscribe to our YouTube Channel . See you Guys… See you Soon…