Best ABDOMINAL FAT Burning Exercises

Best ABDOMINAL FAT Burning Exercises with Top 4 variations is clearly explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS So in this technique series we had previously discussed about abdomen In that Video Most of the people saw it and commented and raised one question What is the best variation in abdominal exercises ? CRUNCHES {OR} LEG RAISES ? My answer to the question is Basically If I say Leg raises You will only Focus on Leg Raises If I say Crunches then You will only Focus on Crunches. What you should know is It is not all about the Crunches or Leg raises.

What ever exercises done related to abdomen the functioning is crunch Because most of the people will do leg raises of 100 -200. So many say even after doing so many there is no fat reduction in abdomen & no results or changes in abdomen the muscle. For this the Simple Technique is While doing Leg raises your functioning must not be stretching or raising the legs not moving the hip flexors To crunch the abdominal functioning Whether the crunch is happening or not ?

Any variation you do concentrate on the crunching of abdomen So there is no need to do lot of repetitions. The mistake done by many is when doing leg raises raising the legs up or raising the lower legs. So like this so many will do half rips Concentrate on the Crunch. For each variation do 15 -20 Repetitions In the motion when ever the crunch is happened from that point You need to maintain the slow tempo in the eccentric mode. So we will discuss about that top 4 variations to reduce the abdominal fat or to get the positive results in the abdominal muscle I am going to tell about those variations now.

Top & Best ABDOMINAL FAT Burning Exercises

The First Variation is DECLINE LEG RAISES

The Second Variation is DECLINE CRUNCH

The Third Variation is HANGING LEG TWIST

The Fourth Variation is PLANK & CRUNCH

The Summary of Best ABDOMINAL FAT Burning Exercises is to crunch the targeted abdominal muscle So you need to Focus on the crunch not on leg raises & hip flexor moves. Maintain the Slow tempo while dropping you need to get the idea on whether the muscle fatigue & mechanical tension are creating or not So if you get the command over that muscle you can observe the changes in that muscle very quickly So guys if you like this video please like it, comment & if your not yet subscribed subscribe now See You Guys…. See You Soon

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