5 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Productivity with Exercise

5 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Productivity with Exercise and how to include exercises in your regular life style and make it as an habit is clearly explained in this fitness blog post by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMLA in this fitness blog post. So lets get deep in to the topic on 5 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Productivity with Exercise.

Ways to Improve Your Focus and Productivity with Exercise

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness. In the last episode we have discussed the reasons why exercise is becoming a stress. Today’s Topic is about How we can do exercise in a productive way? 5 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Productivity with Exercise? Not creating any stress while doing exercise. How to create and maintain and nutrition and diet plan life long. How to follow and in addition to that How to improve your productiveness? How to prepare a schedule without missing your job works How to bring changes in your lifestyle?

I will explain you the optimal steps and due to this optimal steps.You can maintain consistency lifetime and you can check the progress day by day.You can lead a productive and a Healthy lifestyle without looking back.Don’t do these mistakes which are done by others. Everyone will follow the diet after joining the gym.They will focus on calorie in and calorie out after joining the gym. Don’t do this mistake and you should focus on from before joining the gym in a week or 10 days are else if you are willing to start an activity or a an exercise.

Before 10 days only you should design your schedule you should not start on the day you are going to gym & waking up early in the morning & sleeping earlier in the night. Due to this you can do a maximum for 10 days there will be no sustainabilty & your body cannot adopt thoose changes easily.From before a week or 10 days you should follow these simple steps. Most of the people, before joining a gym they will research in google about what is the best & biggest gym? What ever facilities you have in the gym will not be 100% utilised daily

If there are 100 equipments are there in a gym which you are going Differnt differnt facilities will be there and if there are differnt activities like zumba && aerobics are involved.

You can do exercise maximum for one hour.The step no 1 is TRAINER, If you find a good trainer obviously your transformation way will be very easy. Because if a good trainer is there in the gym, then the gym will also be good. I dont know in a good gym there will be a good trainer or but if a good trainer is there then the gym atmosphere will be very good, there the transformations & 100% changes will defnitely happen your exercise will be in a systematic way or else.

If you copy other’s exercise routine or nutrition plan you will not have any progression or long run consistency because Trainer is like a living book. He will share his experiences & technicalities with you time to time while doing exercises, 100% these will help you. Due to this you will get positive results & a good trainer will not keep you in a stress mode he will create exercise pattern to reach your goals & he will not keep you in a stress mode he will able to do you transformation without any stress.

Step 2 is Walking & Breathing you may think we will daily do walking & breathing, daily we do walking for 2 to 3 rounds in the park, why walking is necessary for me? But walking & breathing is mandatory, Before starting an exercise or a workout you must check the frequency of your walking & breathing. After 10 days you must start the exercise suddenly moving on from sedentary lifestyle is not so good for you. Due to this your consistency & frequency will be missed & you cannot sustain for more on your activity.

So what WHO is stating that the persons who walk for minimum 10000 steps, their cardiac health, workout ability, their focus and dedication on work and their vision. So their neural drive, neural system & digestive system will be very active start walking for mimimum 6000-8000 steps daily before joining a gym and the next point is BREATHING. So obviously we will do breathing, a normal human being if he/she in a resting mode 20-25 times/min will breathe.

But some people in some cases for Example, If they do any activity or exercise while bending. If they do this for 20-30 seconds, then their heart rate will be increased because of obesity or sedentary lifestyle not following the breathing technique, like this differnt differnt reasons will be there. Some of the people during sleep, will go away from the other because of their snorning, So if we tel them you are snorning continously till morning I had a good sleep because i am continously doing the work I have a deep sleep & no one will able to wake me up during my deep sleep.

They will think that they have no sleep issues so this also ❎. If you have snoring issues, that means there is something ❎. Because when we take oxygen consumption the required air for lungs will be produced by your body. If the required amount of air is not produced, this snoring issue will take place Snoring is not a healthy habit For a healthy person, snoring will not come. To avoid snoring, you must decrease your levels of triglycirides & cholestrol and in addition to it you must follow breathing technique.

Because before starting an exercise what ever exercise you do after going to the gym thoose are disfunctoning movements, basic functional movements will not be there, if you go to the gymDisfunctonial movements only will be there, that may be deadlift or chestpress. These are not your daily activities. So if you do any activity like threadmill,cross trainer or cycling whatever it may be it is not your daily activity so if you add them then you cannot able to do muscle contraction or if you want to do heavy stimulant exercises or if you want to increase intensity.

Your lung capacity will not be enough that’s why a professional trainer, will know the basic details of an individulal for fitness assesment. Due to this he will able to know their ability, strngth & stamina, vo2 max after knowing all this details, based on these details he will design a schedule. Step 3 is the question which should be raised by you to you? Daily, how much mobility & flexibility is there within you your posture corrections, or sitting posture or else, how perfect is you cardiac health must be checked by you?

After checking try to adapt indian foods and indian culture. Now a days most of the people are adapting westren culture. When ever you are adding westren culture. Due to this, your activeness will be slowly slowly reduced. If you see recently, most of the westren people are adapting indian culture & styles they are like the prevoius generation people. If we see our indians, out of 100 members 90 are difficult to use indian toilet. If they decided it to use for 5 minutes, the situation is we should lift them with the ropes their legs will not work properly.

But Westren People are trying to adapt indian culture because due to this there are lot of positive benefits. It may be in the foods or in the regular lifestyle. That’s why, Now a days yoga has been become very popular yoga belongs to india & in the world most of them are trying to adapt the indian culture because. To increase your muscular strength, mobility, flexiblity & blood flow INDIAN Style is the best style.

Conclusion for 5 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Productivity with Exercise

If you want to undergo weightloss, muscle building, or transformation or what ever you want to do the basic and first step is. It is mandatory for you to check how you have changed your life style at least 7 to 10 days at least 10 days before you should track your sleep record & changes in lifestyle At what time you should do workout? You should create minimum knowledge on your dietHow much exercise we should daily? For example, it may be 45 or 50 minutes do it productively in addition to this what type of nutrition we must follow your basic nutrional source must be easy and at the same time.

You must maintain consistency & if you are unable to maintain it If you involve fancy foods & differnt types of exercises daily you cannot maintain stability & consistency. If we adapt exercises and diet from our indian style it may be consistency or else stress will not be created, in your body endorphins will be released. Your exercise will turnout to be very productive you will get the required benefit of it, At the end of the day the core point is you must be healthy & fit.

After this our goal, that may be musclar, transformation or 6 pack these all are next, our first priority is maintaining the consistency in exercise & diet. Doing exercise every day & following the basic diet plan reegularly. In addition to this, breathing & walking is mandatory before starting an exercise and also minimum 6000 – 8000 steps is mandatory. If you follow this simple steps, If you start working out or joining gym after 10 days and hiring a good trainer you don’t feel stressfull,  You will achieve you transformation in a healthy way.

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