5 Reasons Why Your Muscles Stop Growing

5 Reasons Why Your Muscles Stop Growing is clearly explained with all the mistakes mainly you are doing in this fitness blog post by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA.

5 Reasons why your muscles stop growing – It’s a trending topic. In this topic you shouldn’t question me you should only question yourself Are you going to gym regularly? Are you productively doing the exercises in the gym or not? Are you following proper nutrition or not? How is your workout pattern? You should recollect all these things.So the most common word uttered by many of them is we are doing gym regularly & i am not missing any sessions daily i am eating the food & doing exercises daily I am also using supplements.

But from the past 6 months there are no changes in my body coposition there are no changes in my muscle measurments & no fat loss happened and after doing all these i am looking the same as i was there before.So some of the people will say that in the gym i am feeling that i am having muscles but after bath when i stand in front of the mirror no muscle & muscle pump is there What is the reason behind it? Today ‘s topic is to correct your mistakes i will help you.

#1 Mistake { 5 Reasons Why Your Muscles Stop Growing }

So the First & common mistake mistake done by many is From the past 6 months & 1 year they will do proper workout What type of workout they will do? They will do single type of exercise & they won’t update it.They will not change the exercises Same Sets, Reps, Variations & Tempo.What i am saying is if you don’t update your exercise or if you dont do any changes in your exercise If you don’t increase the intensity in our exercises If you don’t add the progressive overload in your exercise you will be at the same level there will be no before & after changes in you.

The reasons why the changes not happening in your body is in our human body not only defense mechanism systems are there adaptable system is also there.So the Adaptable system is if you adapt a new weight to your muscle.For example chest If you put the maximum weight 10 kg’s and 10 reps and you are continously doing it for months & years.It will be adapted by your muscle.The daily activites in our life is adaptable byour body and that activity is being continued Its not a seperate thing to send signals to it It will be automatically done

So these are regular activities and the adataptive system becomes adaptble so when ever it has started adapting.These exercises alo will be adapted you cannot go beyond this and you cannot do the high intensity & heavy stimulant exercises.Because your body is adapted to it for the same routine food, tempo & exercises your growing will also be stopped.

So your muscles will also stop growing This is the basic mistake to correct this mistake firstly what you should do is not to stop or change yorur workout completely. You should do small modifications i it Increase the Intensity Add progressive overload By doing like this your heart rate will increase Muscle fatigue will happen & mechanical tension will be created so you can observe the growth & changes in body composition will happen and also.

#2 Mistake { 5 Reasons Why Your Muscles Stop Growing }

Mistake no 2 is Volume- Many of them dont know about volume? Volume is nothing but sets or reps.The number of sets or reps which you had is called volume If we take a beginner they have a doubt regarding how to create the volume if a beginner has targeted the bigger muscle groups It may be lats or chest or else hamstrings glutes & quadricep muscles when ever they are targeting bigger muscle groups their frequency and volume must be weekly 6 to 10 Sets for a muscle is enough.

For Intermediate Person they should do 6 to 12 sets for muscle for an Advanced Person they should do 6 to 15 sets maximum.Here you should know about the factors like how much weight you should hit muscle fatigue & rip range, If you have targeted the smaller muscle groups 4 to 8 sets for a beginner 4 to 10 sets for Intermediate/Advanced persons weekly. The most common doubt for many is how to execute the volume.

So for example if you take the chest muscle In the 1st week if you had done 3-4 variations and you had continued it for 3-4 weeks.You have continued this 12 sets for 3-4 weeks Are there are any changes in your body composition? Is the strength increased or not? How is your productiveness up to? In addition to this you should know about the developments in the body shape In addition to it in this 3-4 weeks how is your muscle soreness up to? Is it unberable or sweet muscle pains? you should notice it.

For some people there will be no soreness & it will be normal if you feel there is no progress you should increase the volume Increasing volume means either sets, reps or variations.If you add one variation with same sets & reps it will become 15 sets for a muscle in a week,So this is called as volume if we increase the volume if you feel muscle soreness & if the muscle development happened Then the intensity is good & enough and you can follow that protocol for next 3 to 4 weeks.

#3 Mistake { 5 Reasons Why Your Muscles Stop Growing }

The 3rd mistake is not keeping the realstic goals so many of them will join the gym with unrealstic goals. By seeing the models images in the gym we should be like this Keeping goals like this are good but it must be realstic goals They are doing the exercises from 15 years with utmost hardwork.

To achive their physique in 6 months or 1 year is an unrealstic goals.You had kept an long term goal but The mistake you are doing is what is your short term goal? If you don’t keep these short term goals there will be no proper blueprint for you should know about when to start, where to start . For Example after 3 months what changes are to be done in your workout pattern How to do changes in your workout protocol?

You will never know the benefits of it & dont know how to manipulate the nutrition When you are keeping short term goals like whiat is your target in 1 month? So it is called microcycle Or keeping for 3 months or 1 month is called as mesocycle.Putting short term goals in 3 months or 6 months.In 1 year what type of physique you are going to achive? is it realistic? So if it is realistic what is your nutrition plan? you should also know about the exercise protocol.

These all are called as microcycle & mesocycle short term goals.If you put these short term goals you can create a blueprint for your physique which you are going to achive in one year so how to increase your intensity and how to increase your volume

How to do manipulations in the nutrition & which supplements you should add you will get an clarity over this your coach will guide about supplementation, nutrition & workouts you are under the guidance of your coach but you should fix your goal, In the coming months or in one year I am going to do these changes in my body composition I want to bring my chest, shoulders, deltoids into a good shape.

I want to decrease my body fat % and in one year i want to achieve good physique, To proerly maintain my armsize & waist line what ever goal you are keeping you should explain your goal to your coach 100% If you explain it then there will be a good co-ordination between you A proper nutrition & in addition to this By adding his experience he can help you to achieve your goals in a very short time

Mistake no 4 is When you are moving from one place to another place.If you are moving to an unkown place & if you are not having a GPS.You will face difficulties to reach the destination in the same way. To achieve your goal if you are not having a mentor, experienced proffessional you will face the same difficulties in order to achieve your goal.Because you dont how to start, when to start, how much time you should do & also about nutrition so what i am saying is it is very difficult for you to do on your own Whether you may be a begineer, intermediate or an advanced person You cannot notice your corrections

You can’t correct your mistakes because while you are doing exercises you will be in exercise mode & you cannot check whether it is in right form or wrong form.To know that you must hire a proper highly educated & experienced proffessional his 10-5 years of experience he will apply his experience in your goals which you want to achieve he will help you to achieve your goals in a very short duration why it is required i will give you three reasons KNOWLEDGE. To gain self knowledge you must require a professional Second one is Self Discpline. In addition to this nutrition & nutrition timing Supplementation

The third one is Exercise & Execution Techniques for every exercise a particular tempo, technique & execution will be there tempo depends up on your fitness levels.The trainer will easily assit you with that
The last one is unbaised/honest feedback it will be given by your coach only. He will give a honest feedback about exercises If you are doing exercises in a wrong motion he will correct you to do in a right way
For a honest feedback a coach is compulsiory for you these basic & simple steps must be followed by everyone.

If you see international body builders or Mr. Olympia PHILL HEATH oMr. SUNIT JADHAV sir these all are having coaches they are aware of all the thinks like exercise, nutrition & supplementation stacking. They all want to go forward from their current level we should also be like that. By changing the exercise protocol for 3-4 weeks we should be aware of the body composition changes.Based on this what type of changes must be done in the nutrition What are the supplements are to added or what not to take these type of proper guidance will be given by a coach only

The 5th mistake is intensity So if we ask anyone they will say thery are doing exercises for 2 hours in the morning & evening sessions or they will say they will spend 3 hours time in the gym but there will be no changes in you but they dont know the reason behind it.The reason behind it is you are not focussing on the intensity between set & set how much recovery you should take? and also How much time you are taking to complete a rep & set How much time you shoukd take to complete a variation for muscle.The intensity which you are not applying is the big mistake while talking about the intensity topic. Two types of intensity’s are there.

Conclusion for the Topic { 5 Reasons Why Your Muscles Stop Growing }

The 1st one is the maximum weight which you can lift is called as intensity so if we define it in two types How much weight you can push? It is the first type in intensity. Type 2 is How much efforts you are putting to do a set & rep Whether is 80 or 85% or 70% of your maximum efforts is called intensity.So if you focus on these two types of intensities you will get 100% changes in your body composition. If you are not under going Central nervous system & muscle fatigue if you are not getting tired while doing the exercises that means your intensity is zero No muscle pump & gain will be there and also no increase in your thermosenesis.

There will be less benefits with it so you should FOCUS ON YOUR INTENSITY & FOCUS ON PROPER NUTRITION. You should have a realsitic goal In addition to ths you must have a proper proffessional coach guidance Fix your sleep Focus on execution, volume & intensity while doing the exercises. If we avoid all these mistakes. In every 3-4 weeks 100%You can observe the changes in you & in your body composition in the mirror.So Guys i hope you like this topic See you Guys… See you Soon