5 REASONS Why your lower body muscles are not GROWING?

5 REASONS Why your lower body muscles are not GROWING? & How to give equal imprtance to lower body & upper body is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post.

Hi Guys welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. So today’s topic is about why people are not growing or not gaining their lower body muscles so what are the mistakes done by many? Is it difficult to do lower body exercises? Are the lower body exercises should be done with heavy weights? or else we should do it with the light weights? How to do the muscle hypertrophy? If we do the hypertrophy training lower body muscles will grow or not is the topic for today if we want to describe a good body or a good physique every one will say that they want 3D SHOULDERS or else they want the abdominal depth they want 17 inch arms, broad chest & shoulders.

Like that they will describe & also keep their goals like that mostly 5-6% only focus on their lower body growth & stimulation. Because they feel that the lower body muscles like legs are not visible muscles but Basically when ever you are doing the lower body exercises your cardio vascular endurance & conditioning will be increased.So due to this your upper body muscles growth & stimulation will be very good. So today i will discuss about this basically if you observe the indian gym goers except body builders & fitness athlethes.

REASONS Why your lower body muscles are not GROWING?

All the normal people will give less priority to the lower body approximately they will give 10-15% percent in a week they will do in 1 day & in this 1 day also they try to cheat or else they will choose the easiest variations. They will do in a simple satisfactory way for them 100% they will not keep in mind about the muscle functoning & muscle anatomy and they will not do the muscle functoning in this scenario i am going to explain about the 5 common mistakes if you correct these mistakes you can give the equal priority to your lower body & upper body any muscle in your body should not be loaded heavily or else should not give the lowest importance.

Give the same priority which was given to chest as that of the legs, Give the same priority which was given to shoulder as that of legs, Give the same priority which was given to eleveted muscles like arms as that of the legs. Due to this you can live a healthy life style & in addition to it you can do any exercises in a easy way. So lower body injuries or else blood flow Respiratory system will be good due to this you will have additional benefits. So common mistake done by many & the 1st mistake is workout program.

So in our india who ever goes to gym, if we observe they will design their 5 days workout split program in a way Day 1 – Chest & Tricep, Shoulder & Bicep or else Lats & Bicep, Shoulder & Calf, Hamstrings & Quadriceps. In the 5th day again chest & tricep or vice versa. Like this they will design their 5 days workout program so if we check this 5 days protocol they organised in a way they have give 1day priority to the lower body & they have give 4 days priority to the upper body when you have given 1 day priority that frequency is missing so the small correction in this is if you really want to give priority to the lower body or to stimulate the lower body the 1st thing you should do is you should do perodization changes in the lower body exercises.

If he is a beginner in day 1 you had activated the upper body Day 2 Lower body. So when every you started doing lower body inflamattion & muscle damage will be done Day 3 Total body rest, Day 4 Upper Body, Day 5 Lower Body, Day 6 Neat or Steady State Cardio. Neat means Non – Exercise activity Thearpy, Steady State Cardio for 25-30 Minutes, Day 7 Full body rest. So due to this we have given equal priority to the lower & upper body due to this frequency will be increased. If frequency increased automatically muscle hypertrophy will be done if hypertrophy is done the muscle gain will be 100% no doubt about it.

TIP NO 2 Is while doing the exercises they will miss the basic anatomy. They will choose the failure exercise or else they will choose failure combination. What ever if they do it on their own or if they do the exercises suggested by the trainer. How quickly that person becomes fatigue means a negative feel will be created on that exercise. When ever you stimulate the lower body there will be muscle pain. So muscle pain will be there at the same time heart rate will also be increased Quickly systematic fatigue will be done.

When it is done you should neatly manipulate it , not doing like that concentrating on 1 muscle & if you create a workout to fail it No matter how big lifter he is he will exhaust in 10 – 15 minutes. So dont target parfticular muscles and do the workouts. As you know in lower body lot of muscles are there. It may be GLUTES, QUADS & HAMSTRINGS. What is their muscle functoning & anatomy based on our foot angle
and also based up on the range of motion while doing the exercises and also up on the strength curve. While standing from the sitting position or else from the knee that fluctuation movement. If you correctly focus on the range of motion and if you choose the angle you can exactly hit the targeted muscles.

When ever you are trying to hit only one muscle due to this systematic fatigue will be done no muscle growth will be there. So avoid the failure combinations you should know about the basic functoning & anatomy. For Example HAMSTRINGS, So in HAMSTRINGS there are 3 muscles, So how to stimulate these 3 muscles. For every exercise foot angle & range of motion will be there so while doing the exercises
When ever we had changed the angle there will be involvement of different musce fibers wi be there. So when there is a chnge in musce fibers targeted musce will be changed, if it is chnaged you can stimulate the other musces 100%.

So while doing the HAMSTRINGS What is the HAMSTRINGS antomy? If you are doing HAMSTRING Exercises hip & knee fuction movement wi be happened. If we want to invove quadriceps the anatomy of quadriceps is what ever extension movement you are doing quadricep muscles will be extended. If you are in sit & stand position. So the 4 muscles in quadriceps will be contracted & stimulated these all will happen & due to this your Quadricep muscle will be stimulated at the same time. You should choose the combination as hamstrings with it and after choosing the calf muscle by doing like this. You can do with out injuries because you are not overloading the weight on a particular muscle so to tell about the hamstrings functoning in a simple way fluction from the knee & then hip extension.

Coming to calf muscles from foot to ankle to activate that muscle & stimulate is in calf muscles there will be 2 heads 1 is lateral head & 2nd one is medial head. So to stimulate any muscle to do fluction & extension in standing and sitting position we can do quadriceps in sitting & in lay down positions. We can stimulate the calf muscles in sitting & standing positions or else you can do in lying leg press. What ever you do if you focus on fluction & extension 100% muscle stimulation will be done. So point 3 is if you are doing this mistake immediately stop it the photos in which they are doing with heavy weights & squats
Doing 150 kgs dead lift, leg press & 200 kgs squats. If you observe any of this except body builders rest of their bodies look like their muscles will be not be in a 3d view.

They will tell that they had done 150kg’s Squat but their leg looks very thin because they had focussed only on the strength. From point A to point B they had lifted faster Are you doing strength training or muscle muscle hypertrophy? Now we are talking about lower body muscle developement & gain. So for the muscle developement to happen. Your exercise pattern must be in hypertrophy mode It should not be in strength training mode Strength Training mode only for strength training with out strength muscle hypertrophy will not be done but here we should do the manipulation in ribs so many of them I will do with 150kg’s or 200kg’s weight full pledgedly i will do a deep squat.

For Example Squat while doing squat you should focus on muscle Fatigue should be done but it should not be in 3-4 repetitions and if it is done like that we call it as STRENGTH TRAINING. So you should do weights with 60-65% of your body weight Maximum 12 REPS. If you create every set with above 6 – 12 Reps, 100% your muscle stimulation will be done it may be Quadriceps or Hamstrings. It is the simple pattern for the muscle hypertrophy above 6 -12 reps for a beginner workout you should not do below 2, 3 or 5 reps. By doing like this & it is impossible to build a detailed quadriceps because it is not in hypertrophy mode.

The 4 th point is PRIORITY PRINCIPLE- Your PRIORITY is to activate & stimulate the lower body muscles if you want to develop & gain it you should give equal importance to the lower & upper body. So from DAY1 you should start with the lower body obviously to the 3rd or 4th day again lower body day will come then their the frequency is changed so if you started it from the day 01 it will be done 2 times if you observe when the leg day comes most of the gyms will be empty most of them feel monday is a motivational day. From saturday night to sunday night there will be small small changes in our diet & regular activities.

From monday morning onwards we should seriously go the gym so in the last week i had gain weight of 1 kg. The people who are willing to do seriously from monday morning they will do chest, shoulder & arm exercises they will not focus on leg workout. If you really want to stimulate or develop the lower body you should focus on monday & you should start the activity with lower body. So on the 4th day again lower body will come and in the week frequency is maintained 2 times obviously the volume is increased. If you hit the volume 100% muscle stimulation & activation will be done so there is no doubt about it. In the case of a beginner if they put 100% of their maximum potential ,4 days is enough for their workout or else 5 days.

The last point is in this priority principle you may get a small doubt? How much sets should be done for a volume for a begineer or intermediate person? In a simple way to tell this is for a beginner If you have choosen squats if you do 4-8 sets/week that is enough. If you want to hit the maximum weight with you 60-65% body weight then 4-8 sets/week with 10-12 Repetitions is enough. For an Intermediate Person 6-12 Sets/Week is Enough when a person goes from beginner to intermediate level A plato will be created to break this we should increase the sets. If you increase the volume obviously plato will break and it will go to muscle hypertrophy mode.

For an advanced person they can do 12 -18 or 12-20 Sets with 6 -12 Reps. In this super sets & drop sets will be there they will apply paster method & rest and pause techniques to break the plato. So when ever these advanced persons create small changes in their perodization then we can break that plato and all of the muscles will be stimulated. To increase intensity we should do drop sets & super sets, Rest & pasue techniques are used to break the plato. Extreme level of muscle pump & hypertrophy will be done.

Summary for the topic 5 REASONS Why your lower body muscles are not GROWING?

So Guys the bottom line is you should choose a proper workout pattern & check. You workout program must be given equal priority to lower & upper body. Point 2 is dont focus on heavy weights focus on muscle hypertrophy. You should know how to do muscle hypertrophy with moderate weights after knowing it if the weight you are lifting is not heavy your mind will give signals automatically to increase it So dont focus on the heavy weights, Focus on your foot angle & range of motion and also priority principle. As we already discussed if it is a beginner how to increase the volume for intermediate & advanced persons.

So the Last & Important point is CardioVascular Endurance or Conditioning so this is tough for many Why i am saying it is tough because if you observe anyone they will think that after doing lower body exercises they cant able to do any work or else no one will be in the gym if they properly do lower body exercise for a week. The reason behind it is they are not doing CardioVascular Endurance or Conditioning and they are not activating their respiratory system when ever they started improving their CardioVascular Endurance and v02 max their lung capacity & blood flow will be increased muscle fatigue will not be done.

In fatigue’s 2 types of fatigue will be there what ever you do muscle hypertrophy or strength training Systemic Fatigue & Local Fatigue when ever you are doing particular muscle exercise if the damage occurs to that muscle it is called as Local Fatigue, Systematic fatigue is not like that when you do squats you will be tired very fast and you central nervous system will be fatigue shortness of breath occurs this is called as systematic fatigue.

To not to fatigue your central nervous system you should focus on cardio vascular endurance so dont understimate cardio. If you are not focussing on cardiovascular endurance while doing the exercises lot of people will faint or else their heart rate will increase these all are happening due to the non conditioning of cardiovasular conditioning.

So Focus on cardiovasular conditioning and muscle hypertrophy to undergo muscle hypertrophy you should know about the basic body anatomy & muscle stimulation what ever doubts you are having please comment in the comment section. So guys i hope i have give the best information regarding lower body. If you like it comment your opinion & dont forget to subscribe our channel see You Guys… See You Soon