5 Best Steps to Reduce MUSCLE SORENESS

5 Best Steps to Reduce MUSCLE SORENESS || Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is clearly explained by certified Hyderabad Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala.

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS – So Today’s Topic is Are you regularly doing Workouts ? Which Pattern you are Following ? Todays Topic is DOMS Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Why muscle soreness will be caused after doing exercises ? Which steps should we follow to avoid muscle soreness ? What are the reasons for muscle soreness in beginner, intermediate & advanced lifters ? This is the topic for today.

So Guys Coming to the Point Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). For Example we had done the chest workout last night after Finishing the Chest Workout. When you wake up in the morning & if you fully stretched your hands Stretching it fully & if you try to stretch it wide if you felt any soreness or pain and if it is bearable it is very good and you can consider them as a sweet pain. That means you had done your exercise with good technique & form

But if you felt a Sharp or a heavy pain that means your body is exhausted you had hit the exercises in a wrong way. So if you create or introduce any intense exercise to your body your body will generate a waste product that waste product will be generated whenever a particular muscle is damaged Microtrauma in muscles will be appeared While it appears , the waste product is also generated & this is Called Lactic Acid.

Muscle soreness is caused due to this lactic acid so in general the muscle soreness in beginners will be there for 2 -3 days so if it is there for more than 2-3 days then it is a sign for no muscle recovery. So when this Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness will be created means when ever we do negative reps -Negative Reps means when ever we drop down the weight in the eccentric mode Maintaining the slow tempo when ever maintaining the slow tempo during the drop down of the heavy weights It is called as NEGATIVE REPS.

So in this time LACTIC ACID will be generated this will be happened not only for a beginner any one will face this problem. If you are a beginner & you had done the exercises with your coach guidance you can achieve you targets with no injuries in a systematic way Not like this I had observed in many people facing joint & shoulder problems .While doing they are facing pain in the wrist & also lower back problems so with out guidelines they are breaking their regular routine So a good & experienced coach is necessary for us while doing the exercises you can do them in a progressive & a right way

So if you do any Exercise you must follow good protocol. Some people will get only one shoulder pain & it will be a sharp pain or they will feel pain in one leg or pain in one ankle they will think that a muscle pain because we had done leg workout .The pain will not be less after 3,5, or 10 days resulting in an injury or ligament tear Like this I had observed many injuries What is Regular Muscle Pain & Injury Pain ? You must know clearly To know this you must compulsorily have your coach guidance.

Mostly muscle soreness will be caused in beginners because beginner muscles are baby muscles in them muscle density & muscle maturity will be low. So if we create higher intensity & also if we add higher weights in our exercise pattern soreness will be easily created due the low muscle maturity. So the muscle soreness will be lowered while we do regular exercises & increase in muscle density & endurance. So the pains should be there on the next day of our exercises that must be sweat pains or bearable pains & you should not miss your regular routine.

Like After doing exercises & you should no sleep for 2 days with that pains. Doing like this you cannot create positive energy & positive vibes to your body you will create only negative energy. To create that positive energy you should create your exercise pattern in a systematic way These pains are only for beginners ? No Intermediate & advanced lifters will also have that pains. They will fell that pain when ever they create high intensity means increasing the weights , sets , reps & decreasing the rest time hitting the muscles in different angles & also introducing new variations to the body.

This muscle soreness will be there for 2 -3 days if it is unbearable pain that mains recovery is not available for the muscle. So if it is bearable you can enjoy that sweet pains in a satisfactory way So ho can we overcome this muscle soreness with simple steps ? The Step no 1 is After finishing exercise , compulsorily do post cardio exercise. By doing this lactic acid formation will be low & also do static stretches.

So by doing this static stretches inflammation will be reduced & blood flow will be increased Muscle flexibility will also be increased .In addition to this Don’t forget to take shower Many people after doing exercises forget to take the showers doing exercises in morning or evening and they will had dinner & directly go to sleep without a shower. There should be recovery for Mind , Muscle & body The shower you are taking must be a mix of cold & hot water with this there are so many benefits as we discussed in our earlier videos & the last one is don’t forget to hydrate our body every time not only with the water.

There must be a good nutrition food, proper sleep & recovery in addition to this you must follow a good nutrition timing If you follow all these you can give a positive energy to your body if else not like this you are giving the negative energy in the sense i mean Not taking proper sleep & food and only doing exercises & worrying about the results is the negative energy Increase Positive Energy. If you want any changes regarding your body build only positive energy .Don’t Follow Others and completely remove that from your mind Design your workout pattern according to your life style Increase your positive energy then automatically good results will come So guys I hope you like this Topic See You Guys… See you Soon….