5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu & How to Improve Your Gut health is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this Fitness Blog Post.

5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu

In our every busy day life we do exercise to stay fit & healthy. So in this nutrition part is a tough part. For some people it is very tough to maintain & manage, Some people will manage 100% but they will miss the timings. Instead of doing all this they are not undergoing weight loss, fat loss & muscle is not building for them. What are the reasons for no progress in their body? Is the topic for today. So Today’s Topic is about HOW TO EAT PROPERLY?

Actually if we dont eat properly within time to time Muscle will build or not? or else if we are eat properly why muscle is not building? is the topic for today. How should be your environment? For your body to utilize 100% of food which you take. How you should keep your mindset?

So in addition to this we will discuss about the simple simple steps. So about this eating pattern, Gut related ,Digestive System & functioning there are lot of books available in the market. Thoose books are GUT, The inside story of underrated organ GUT and also The mind – Gut connection like this different books are there.

So what they say through these books is your body will not 100% utilize the nutrients if you eat the food What is the Timing? It will depend up on your environment, mind set & in addition to this what are the modifications to be done in your life style? All these things are clearly explained in thoose books. So coming to the point in our body different types of systems & functions are there.

In these the main part is DIGESTIVE SYSTEM because what ever changes you had to bring in your body composition. Firstly if you want to undergo weight loss or fat loss The calorie intake ,the foods which you intake. The main part is to absorb the nutrients from the food which you take it & send to the blood & body So if this gut is weak. How much amount of food you take?

Even if you take time to time meals you cannot achieve the positive results. If the positive results are not coming.  If you follow these 5 steps, The food which you take will be 100% utilized by your body. In addition to this you can achieve positive results.

#1 of 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips

This is the #1 of 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu. So COMING To the Eating Pattern STEP NO 1 is DRINK FOOD EAT LIQUID I told it really.Try to drink the solid material means chew for long time How much time to chew is the doubt for many? Atleast chew for 5 to 10 seconds.

With Chewing utilize the nutrients from it & also the water which you are taking, to utilize the minerals in it by your body & to claim the benefits from it you should feel eating the water. I am doing hydration but also my body temperature levels are high I am drinking protein or i am taking electrolytes and i am taking vitamin C.They are taking these things in 400 ml or 1 litre of water.

I am drinking APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in the morning Hydration is not drinking litres litres of water To your body in what ever time. In one serving your body can take 200 – 250 ml of Water.To absorb the minerals maintain the quantity. Manage your daily intake of water that may be 3, 3.5 or 4 lts. In addition to this the food you take by chewing it atleast for 5 -10 seconds 100%.Your body will utilize it & it will go into the blood stream & it will convert into glycosine.By chewing the food which you take benefits & good amount of nutrients will be available to you.

#2 of 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips

This is the #2 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu. TIP NO 2 Is While eating most of them will eat food in a hurry that’s why what our older people will say is.Eat the food in a relaxed way.For us not like in this way if you observed or not some people while eat during the exercises what will be the benefit if you eat during the exercises? Some filling will be there that’s it!, Some filling will be created. When ever the filling is created there will no benefit with it obviously.

While doing exercises your body will be in fight or flight mode.Your sympathetic nervous system will be active as we already discussed in our body parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous system will be there. When ever the sympathetic nervous system is activated the reason behind not to utilze the foods which you take is when ever you are doing fast acting movements, intense exercises or when ever you are doing any kind of activity.

The blood in your body will work on your brain & also on your damaged muscles that means working muscles. So it will not mostly work on the digestive system. For the proper working of the digestive system
A good amount of blood is need, For a good amount of blood your body must not be in sympathetic nervous system.It must be in parasympathetic nervous system.

To be in this parasympathetic nervous system You should be in a relaxed mode & your mind must be calm.While eating keep away the electrical devices for 5 to 10 minutes.By taking the food in a pleasant way.The food which you take will be utilized 100% by your body when ever you have activated the parasympathetic nervous system your mind & gut connection will be very free.

For example while watching horror movies and eating your heart rate increases & parasympathetic nervous system will be activated. While eating the food you should focus on the parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous system & it is important.While eating if you active the parasympathetic nervous system.

The nutrients in the food will be utilized by your body Sympathetic nervous system means While doing intense moments for Example some of the people in their post workout meal.They will eat solid foods like beef, mutton or chicken.Due to this also there will be no benefits while doing intense exercises what you should take is FAST ACTING CARBS.

By taking FAST ACTING CARBS your workout performance will improve body will be hydrated due to this Reverse catabolic Process will be done in your body.Due to this overall body & mind fatigue will not happen.Due to this you will be in active mode. For Example FAST ACTING CARBS means GLUCOSE or getroid, table sugar, candies, essential amino acids or Branched chain amino acids.While doing slow acting movements like watching Tv or movies in a relaxed way what you should do is. If you take the slow acting carbs.Your body will not spike the insulin levels. For example Oats, potato chips, sweet potato or cerals or else nuts & butter.

By taking these type of foods insulin will not spike fast If you keep your body in non activity thermogenesis by doing no activity then you can take slow acting carbs & there will be 100% benefits with it. We can lower the fat accumulation another point is about HYDRATION.

Basically hydration means what many of them will do is in the morning they will drink 2 bottles of water.Your body will not utilise the minerals in thoose 2 bottles of water Focus on drinking 200 – 250 ml of water in one serving you can take it with ACV, lemon pinch salt, or else honey IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

Due to this your body will go to alkaline state If you want to drink tea or coffee in the morning. Your body will go into acidity state & there are no benefits HYDRATION is very important. For the proper utilisation of the food which you take in a day Early morning or first intake what you are taking is very important.

For some people after waking up they will not feel hunger With hunger or Without Hunger, They will tell that without eating bread ommlete their day will not pass by eating Soaked almomds or wall nuts in their first meal they will get energy. That’s not the point First you should do hydration. By doing hydration Your body in the resting mode.

Your mind will help to clear all the toxins because while sleeping your melatonin levels will be increased in your body. Mind will do the duty of clearing the toxins when ever the high melatonin levels are increased during the sleep after you woke up early in the morning. 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu.

If you do hydration to flush the toxins you can avoid Constipation problems through out the day also you will not face any acidity problems.The Last & very very important tip is How much you eat & How much amount of water you drink. If you also take time to time meal.In addition it Even if you eat the food in a good enviorment there is no thing like that you can get positive results because to get good results, firstly utilistaion is very important.

Calorie Expenditure means how much amount of calories you are spending? How much time you are spending on yourself is important. SO, For Example I will keep my vehichle in parking, and daily i will fill with oil & it will not work because after few days the tank will be fulled. 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu

In the same way, gentically if you are fit also Calorie Expenditure is important. To keep your body in active mode is very important. If you take your body into anabolic state, your gut health will be improved & immune system will be strengthen.To boost your immune system Exercise, blood flow & supply is important. 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu

Summary for 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu

So the final summary of 5 BEST Healthy Eating Tips in Telugu is Hydration is importanat & also what ever food you take to utilize it 100% Try to Eat Water & Drink Food . I hope you understood my point after waking up start with water as your fist intake.Try to reduce your stress levels, Try to activate parasympathetic nervous system while eating food.So Guys i hope you like this video See You Guys…. See You Soon