Exercises to Reduce Side Fat and Love Handles Workout is Clearly Explained by Certified Celebrity Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala in his Blog Post to reach your Fitness Goals in an Easiest & Correct Way.

Hello guys. Welcome to Venkat Fitness! Todays’ topic is Obliques which means how to reduce side fat. For reducing side fat, strengthening oblique muscles, reducing intra muscular and visceral fat, firstly you need to know sides are not a muscle group neither a variation it’s internal and external oblique along with transverse abdominal which is located below the novel. Only if you target this muscle Fat at origin oblique insertion point will loose faster.

We are going to see simple variations in this with and without equipment 5 in total Try to do these 5 variations, 20 reps in 3 sets or 10 reps in 3 sets Focus on applying mechanical tension and your muscle damage, Breath out at muscle contraction Focus on muscle squeezing. Best variation for reducing fat near obliques is standing side crunches.

While doing Standing side leg rises crunches concentrate on external obliques While hitting these external obliques focus on muscle squeezing, Breath out, Muscle tension and After squeezing hold for a sec and do controlled dropping. Like this do 20 reps 3 sets in first variation.

Second variation with simple dumbbells or plates One Side Oblique Crunch One side oblique crunch makes you to loose internal obliques fat but not external oblique fat Internal oblique is between abdominal muscles and external obliques. To get rid of fat here or for a great abdominal quality, or for a defined look focus on internal and external obliques parallelly Third variation is side plank. For this also equipment not required While doing this concentrate on external and internal obliques When ever we hold total body weight with side muscle/ oblique muscle and squeeze it Then that fat/ adipose tissue will have higher chances to reduce So totally 3 variations.

Fourth variation Regular Plank It can be done in both abdominal and oblique variations, You may have a doubt as it is a plank related to core. Yes, as we discussed earlier for fat reduction in abdominal or obliques, we need to focus on traverse abdominal, external oblique and internal oblique. so, fourth variation is plank. Most of us do mistake at taking hip support, putting overall body weight on triceps or elbows. Concentrate on total body weight on core muscles. if you can balance and hold your body weight with abdominal muscles.

While properly inhale and exhale the breathing, results in better abdominal and core stability reduction of visceral and oblique fat. so, fifth variation is standing oblique crunch For any muscle gain or fat loss in muscle or muscle stimulation, you need to have great command on that muscle. This 5th variation is created for command over your muscle In this focus on muscle contraction, Where were insertion and origin? if you know that for every muscle developing and reducing fat in that muscle is very easy.

For any variation we designed 20 repetitions 3 sets, if you can’t do that many do 10 reps 3 sets You can see drastic reduction of oblique fat. if you can do these 5 variations every alternate day or twice a week, course stability will be increased, visceral fat will decrease and you will get strong abdominal, excellent oblique shape. Don’t forget to subscribe our Venkat Fitness Trainer YouTube Channel share and comment.

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