3 Tips to accomplish your Goals

3 Tips to accomplish your Goals and 3 habits you must follow to be sucessful is discussed today in this health & fitness blog by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. So lets get in the topic on 3 Tips to accomplish your Goals and how to turn it as a habit to reach your goals.

#3 Tips to accomplish your Goals

How Elon Musk become successful with these habits { 3 Tips to accomplish your Goals }. Any task, project no matter how tough they are we can complete them in a easy and in a suscessful way if we design them in 3 phases. Today i am not discussing about weight loss, fat loss or health issues i am discussing about life style. So many of them are having issues or problems in their lifestyle. So how to eradicate or avoid your lifestyle problems? How to fullfill your goald by eradicating thoose issues.

Today we are going to discuss that basic habits and how we should include in our lifestyle {3 Tips to accomplish your Goal}. We aregoing to discuss that now on 3 Tips to accomplish your Goals. So if you have any further issues or doubts regarding lifestyle just DM me on my Instagram  Defnitely i will reach out to you. So guys in lfe not money, assets are not important time is more valuable and important money may come, assets may come if we lost them.

If we lost the time it will not come back, these thing is very well know to both of us. Your life will be determined on how you utilise the time. If you use time properly, your life will be very happy & determined. So for example the difference between professional and amateur is both professional and amateur will have 24 hours in a day but depending upon their habits their lifestyle & day will be determined.

3 simple strategies for achieving your goals

A professional will utilise every second, minute, hour in a very productive way, Amateur will miss some points. Now we are going to discuss the differences between professionl & amateur. Hello Guys This is your VENKAT – Professional Fitness Trainer & Your Lifestyle Coach. If we see a successful person if we check their calendar and habits those people will defnitely follow these basic steps. Because these steps are followed, changes happen in their regular routine depending on that, their works and projects are designed in their calendar to be done in the desired time.

So the atributes which are differntiated between professional & amateur is their DAILY ACTIVITIES. According to science, neurological behaviours, hormonal functonalities. The activities to be done in their regular life and regular day are mentioned neatly and clearly. For example depending upon their activities like how to boost their testosterone levels & how to maintain the cortisol levels they will fix their routine it will be divided into 3 phases.

The first phase is after waking up From 0 to 9 hours cortisol levels will be high in your body in additionol to the cortisol levels norepinephrine and also endorphins will be very high and they are in the peak level Of course, both cortisol and growth hormone levels will be very high. So if you properly utilise this time with vitamin d sources if your body properly absorbs this 100% you can easily achieve your desired goal if you can follow this 3 Tips to accomplish your Goals.

For example, if you can give your body vitamin D sources like you get from Sunlight in the morning. whatever food you intake. The nutrients in that food take will be properly utilised by your body and in additional to this your concentration and focus will improve 100%. In the second phase cold shower cold shower doesn’t reffers to bathing at 3’0 clock or 4’0 clock with the cold water in the early morning. So doing bath in the morning most of them will show their disintrest towards bath in the morning.

If you do bath in the morning there will be more benefits if you don’t bath there will be a lethargic feeling and no activeness & focus in the work you do in addition to this there body temperature will be very high and also the reason why the fat burning system is not fast is they will not keep the body in fully active mode. What you should do is regularly you will do shower in the morning add 3-4 mugs of cold water to it.What will happen due to this is faceting will take place, whenever faceting happened in your body thermogenesis will increase.

Whenever thermogenesis increased your fat burning system and fat burning levels also increases and your body will go into the fat loss mode. So due to this activeness will be increased in your body so in that time for you tough works like workout, studies orto learn some important topic, if you focus on all these things 100% you will get fruitful results.

Also, after waking up in between from 9 to 14 hours your cortisol levels will go into the maintenance phase so in this maintenance phase it’s not good to high intensity or high resistance exercises so by doing low intensity or low resistance exercises or workoutsyour body will not go into the inflammation state so it will be helpful to cool down your body in the evening.

The last phase is after 8’o clock in the night what you should do is blue light elimination avoiding the blue light means slow down the utilisation of Tv’s, laptops & mobiles. By listening to you favourite music or low beats your cortisol levels will be balanced and at the same time and your melatonin levels will be increased. Your body will fix your sleep and it will help you to sleep properly. So what ever activity should happen in your body or what ever work you want to do requires hormonal support to your body.

For these all things to be happen you should understand your body and if you follow this basic 3 steps 100% productivity, sustainability, consistency will be there in what ever work you do!So guys i hope you like this video and if you like this videolike the video and comment and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel See you Guys…. See you Soon….