3 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements

3 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements After Workout, and why should we use this 3 supplements for muscle recovery is explained by best fitness trainer in hyderabad VENKAT MADAMALA. So let’s deep dive into 3 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements.

3 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements After Workout

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS The most useful recovery supplements So most of them are asking after doing exercises what recovery supplements we should use? For not to create any inflammation what should we do? What should we do to reduce the muscle soreness? Which is beneficial? like this most of them are asking me in live sessions, youtube comments & also through Instagram DM’s.

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So for this question my answer is L- Carnitine also will be helpful. Because L- Carnitine is a chemical or an amino acid that is made in human brain, kidney’s & liver. It helps us to turn the body fat into energy. So most of them will take L – Carnitine as pre workout or other wise they will take in early morning.

So for the better benefits If you take it in the post workout session withcarbohydrates, protein meal or else with if you take with good macros you will get additional benefits Due to this Muscle inflammation & Muscle soreness will be decreased, at the same time there will be 100% changes in your body fat composition.

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Coming to the next important supplement CREATINE Regarding creatine we have done different differnt videos in our channel. To endure your body that means to improve your endurance & muscle thickness,To improve the resistance while doing the exercises.In additio to this It will help you in the strength training. Due to this muscle volume will also be increased & also strength & stamina will build you will have no side effects with this creatine.

When you use a good amount of creatine so we have discussed differnt different types of creatine like monohydrate & HCL in our previous youtube videos I will leave the links of that creatine topics in the description, if you need you can go through it most of them will use creatine as a pre workout. If you use creatine as a post workout with carbohydrates & proteins 100% better results will be there and also.

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The most & very very important recovery supplement Ayurvedic Herbs, it is called Ashwagandha. So why most of them use Ashwagandha because by using Ashwagandha natural testosterone levels will be increased. Obviously it will be increased & it also increases the male fertility. So in additional to this it will reduce inflammation to prevent mood swings. It will eredicate the despressed feel.

Basically while doing exercises our body will be in fight & flight mode during this sympathetic nervous system will be activated When ever sympathetic nervous system is activated, we will be very active & aggressive after completing the exercises, defaultly our body will come into parasympathetic nervous system.It will come to the normal state, but in rare cases in some of the peoplewill have heavy sweat & some anxiety issues body recovery & cool down will not be happened in some of them.

So these type of people if they take recovery agents they will get the better results. So for this ashwagandha will be very helpful Lot of people will take ashwagandha before going to the bed but in addition to this if you take it after finishing the high intensity exercises or else when you have done the heavy stimulant exercises. If you take ashwagandha as a post recovery with the meal then uscle recovery, inflammation, brain functoning.

In addition to this there will be no fertility problems and also to Boost your energy and to create good vibes & a positive mood through out the day and also to reduce the blood sugar levels 100% ashwagandha will be helpful. So with ashwagandha there will be no side effects even you can check with the studies.

So today we have discussed about 3 topics L-Carnitine So with in the post workout we willl have better benefits. So with creatine will be best benefits in the post exercises when we take it with carbohydrates, protein meals or macros and also for ashwagandha if we take it in the post workout there will be better benefits.

So these 3 recovery agents will be very helpful after your exercise. So if you follow these simple simple protocols Your body will 100% simply follow this rest & digest process of recovery So guys i hope you like this video See You Guys…. See you Soon