My New Year's Resolutions

I am going to jot down the top goals of the New Year.

  • Explore the wonders of the State: I am already looking forward to see all sorts of cities across the state. That means meeting new and interesting people, trying out new, exciting foods and exploring the wonders of this great state.
  • Keep fit, eat healthy, live well: This is a bit of a catch-all, I know. But really, I just want to keep practicing what I preach. I want to keep enjoying life, eating smart, exercising regularly, and believing in myself. Thats what keeps me happy every day.
  • And my biggest goal for 2015 is To become number 1 trainer in AP, put you back in the driver's seat.
  • I know this is cheesy, but my favorite thing in the world is to help people change their lives. Frankly speaking I am not only interested in training celebrities – I am also interested to train a common man. So that is my #1 goal for 2015: To help you change your lifestyle and to give you the tools to make that change. And remember - summer bodies are made in winter, so now is the time to get moving!

Why I Do What I Do

From my first fitness class at age 18 to my 12 Week Body Transformation, my dream has always been to help others.

My Eating Habits

I am no Wolfgang Puck. But I just love the fun and creativity of cooking at home. Cooking is fun and creative, and I just love it. What I enjoy most is starting a recipe from scratch, and I've become pretty hot at making my own food. If there's one thing. I love to combine various herbs and spices to add flavors to my cooking.

If I could wave a magic wooden spoon I would make it easy, fun, and affordable for everyone to cook and prepare organic, fresh, and free range food items. Many people believe it's too expensive and inconvenient to eat ethically and healthily, especially when they have the alternative of cheap fast food. This is partly why obesity has become such an issue in our country. But if you plan ahead and get organized, it is possible to eat well without it costing the earth. I would like to teach the world to lead a fit and healthy life. I set up my tips program not only to help people lose weight through food choices and exercise, but also to teach people to cook and embrace food in a positive.